Shop Small in Lynchburg, VA

Shop small

Give back to your local community by shopping at the small businesses and retailers that keep the Lynchburg economy thriving. As you shop around Lynchburg this season, remember that where you shop matters. By supporting local businesses, you’re giving back to our community by putting money back into the hands of locals who live and invest in Lynchburg.


Here’s a quick shopping guide to help you find the right gifts at the right small business:




  • For the foodie in your life, grab a gift card to one of the area’s best restaurants


  • For your fun hipster friends, find unique hand-crafted gifts at Pastiche at Main



  • For the adventure seeker, find everything from tents to hammocks to hiking boots at Outdoor Trails in the Boonsboro Shopping Center


  • For the person who loves locally-sourced honey, snacks, and goodies, head to Magnolia Foods near Randolph College



  • For that crafty family member who enjoys DIY, browse the fun stuff at Studio Eleven


  • For your boss, mother-in-law, or neighbor, order a basket of treats from The Farm Basket


Where you shop matters. Choosing to shop at small businesses around Lynchburg will help you find the best gifts our region has to offer – while keeping our economy strong.


That’s just our 2 cents.


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